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Dear Customer,
If you liked one of my items and you would like to own it, I invite you to buy it.
Affordable prices – pls. ask :

You have the option of choosing the finish, or color for the special order items. If you wish to do so, please sent me an e-mail: with the information about the change, or contact me by phone: +48 508506910.

Additional Information:
- Shipping:
I will always sent an e-mail with the picture of the special order product before shipping it- for your approval. Shipping is 1-2 working days from the moment of payment.

- Shipping cost:
7.00-11.00 zł  (depended of the weight)- Polish Post Office registered priority
25.00 zł - courier company
for arrangements-dependent of the country.

* The cost of shipping is covered by the Buyer

- Bank Information:
Rękodzieło Artystyczne
Anna Skuczyńska
ul. Przemyska 12d/4
80-180 Gdańsk

nr 93 1140 2004 0000 3302 7412 2773

The Buyer can return the product in 14 days after receiving it (that excludes the items which were modified or made according to customer's design).

Cash returns:
- sent an email informing us about the return along with your bank account number on which you want the money to be deposited
- sent back an un-used item (free of the perfume smell) in the original package, in the parcel that will protect the item from damage.
If you would like a receipt for the purchased item, please let me know by e-mail leaving me the information with the receipt's details.

In case of any doubts or questions, please contact me by telephone +48 508506910 or e-mail:

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